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September 20, 2017

I wish I "knew shit" that other people know. 

Or at least like we like to think we like know shit. 


Like only astronauts know the world isn't really flat

Like plumbers and surgeons know how to fix a leak

Like woofers and tweeters know how to speak 

Like cooks and criminals know the heat

Like cardiologists and drummers truly know the beat


The keyword is know: to be aware of through observation, inquiry or information. 

Gnosis - a feminine term from the greek that speaks to knowledge 

Defined by the thin line between wisdom and what-the-fuck

Shit shifts let's share.


As per the theory of an infinitely expanding/contracting universe there's nothing new under the sun 

(Secondly: as a result I reckon we have no limits dammit) I'm putting you under the gun 

Where I'm from being dumb keeps the peace

fucking up is part of the process. 


I wish I knew shit like this back when 

I literally knew I was the shit 


An ad hoc scholar I follow the bouncing ball well with an above-average nod of affirmation

I’m sayin. Yeah. Word? 

A blend of respect for the speaker and 

A genuine joy for learning, I listen. 

Intently intensely awaiting a lesson. 


But observe my behavior closely you'll fsho see that we...have yet to really meet...yet to really speak...yet to really peep what each of us lusts after. What we trust and what we’ve yet to master. 


Take it back to...


The beginning when there was no shit to know. 

Before video. Before sound. (snap fingers go silent keep spittin) No shit. Before lines were written down or drawn on the ground. 

In the dirt representing secret believers aligning.

Your truth is yours until you learn better.  

Not for lack of looking I'm a better sleuth. 

But I wish knew shit. What it's like to walk on the underside of the sky Jordan jumping up to dip my fingertips in the bay. Landing hard light years  back in Taurus 


I've been responsible with knowledge Scholars and snitches knew shit that didn't need to be shared and got buried. 



My elders knew shit they'd get

From watchin the block around the clock

Which ticks longer and stronger than mine 


Shift to now. 


Exchanging understanding for effort

it's been forever since I scaled my own Everest -

elementary to intellectuals and academics alike

I'm like a smart smart ass 

College dropout no doubt I can clearly convey the power of prayer when you ain't got shit

So you gotta start at the bottom you know...shit.

Sir David Attenborough says

The ocean floor is a pressed layer cake of detritus. 

Settled hard.

Down beyond the beach into the deep

Into the creepiest depths where dark arts are normal

We-re formed of shit that is just available. 

Pre Pangea this is where shit happened. Again. 

Somebody who knew shit would be forgotten,

Jotted it eloquently with a rock hammer into the cell wall. 

Brooks was here. Before books were here. 

Nobody knew shit but this. 

We are alive. And together. Until we die. 

Gimme love. Please and thank you. 




Sift thru lines as I shift thru time capturing the thing in every body rockin Akhenaten noddin hard with other gods I wish I knew how to bow to the power behind the nothing. Call me Gmork. Atreyu. Hey you....say you....knew how to undo your damnation? 

Would you live? Sin vergüenza. 


Like how to Shift thru time like time life 

Light particles in the Hadron co-co-lide-lide 

I've tried fighting the rising tide of technology 

I almost drowned in analog anarchy 


Shit man I wish I knew when this poem was supposed to end.


Oh yeah. Now, I remember. 






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