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Pandora Complex

October 7, 2017

I often liken myself to Hephaestus. 

The ugliest amongst the gods yet the freshest. 

Bless you with the heat. I am Vulcan like Spock. 

I live to swing the hammer. Got a bulge in my jock. 

Not really. Saying that sounded silly. 

I guess I'm just a product of my environment. Feel me? 

Apollogeez. I guess I’m sick and tired.  

Because being admired by haters ain't my desire. 

I was fired from the family. Hera just couldn't handle me. 

I was an accident. She and Zeus were a fantasy. 

This was before the wars, the magic and majesty. 

The gods are fucking comedy. I'm a victim of tragedy. 

Born dark, deformed and deprived of light. 

Bastard son of god. Deprived of rights. 

Tossed into the sea to be forever forgotten. 

But funny story: I lived. By the grace of Posiedon. 

Now here they go deciding to give me a new assignment. 

Some call it payback. I call it alignment. 

But I ain’t mad atcha. 


...to be continued...



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