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Vrs I
Get right (light). Get write to writin.
First you gotta flex ya fist like ya fightin
Work out the joints and points of real pressure
Ya nails pretty? Them pressons is gone getcha.
Get you a lil lotion to lubricate the motion
But left to right this is a different type of strokin.
You think I'm jokin. This is serious bidniss.
Son I'm serious wit this I got experience in this.
I do it cuz I love it. Don't try to doubt it.
Baby I read the bible and write rhymes about it.
Now half of this process is preparation
Half of that preparation is separation
Places w/ ventilation preferably silence
Experiment w/ various writin enviroments
Prepare for retirement find alignment
Getcha mind set you ain't wrote a line yet

Vrs II
Listen up. Writers you been invited.
Meeting another writer I'm so delighted.
Writing's a good choice. I'm glad you decided.
But I don't wanna say the wrong thing so I'mma write it.
Mac/PC/Hi-def monitor.
The connoisseur wants that but I'm a dinosaur.
I write raps on napkins. On my hands.
Even dollars that I find in my pants.
Different brands of pens. Pens not pins.
Cats who jack pens. Them's not friends.
The right paper makes the flow so fine.
I prefer the cheap kind with no lines.
Some go blind. Using the wrong tools.
If the shit costs more then your shoes
Then y'all are fools.
Writing is getting dirty. Ink stains and blood.
Little paper cuts and splinters from getting wood.

I write this becuz I see y'all's message.
Different writers all have different processes.
Some write best if they write on weed.
Some drink. But I think it's something we all need.
The emcee likes to write to tight tracks.
The rebel teen likes to write to fight back.
The seniors write just trying to immortalize.
The student writes all night long to organize.
The lion cubs just love to be petted.
The politician writes memos to get shredded.
Wherever you headed, your writing is your own.
Draw your sword and carve into stone
Your place in the world don't race with the world.
You don't need a bookmark or booksmarts
To be a poet, be an editor, an actor,
Be the author of another chapter.

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