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Eat More Poems

August 5, 2019


Rica de la Luz 

Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour 

and Guest Artists 


Eat More Poems.  

Good (evening), I love you. 

May you have risen, stretched and hydrated. 

We are thankful you have made it. 

Get comfortable. Connecting. 

Yes, please. And thank you. 

I’d like some inspiration for breakfast. 

A tall glass of fresh-squeezed affirmation

Homegrown organic exchanges for lunch. 

For supper, we can dine both 

under & upon the stars 

Over a healthy helping of heaven 

Prepared with care. Share the light. 

Bless it. Eat More Poems.

If you’re going to have anything at all, 

Let it be nourishing. 

Family is a garden flourishing. 

From earth first let’s sow a seed. 

Give it all we know it needs to grow. 

Observe with patience. 

Then consciously harvest. 

Local. Let’s celebrate. 

Cultivate culture in each bite. 

And believe ourselves worthy 

Of what dreams may come. 

Come to the table and transcend. 

Let’s Eat. More poems. 

La comida es medicína. 

We feed our machines and make magic

To fuel trips to new tomorrows. 

Sweet smiles, sour sorrows, bitters between us. 

Have Seconds. Take time. 

We are the blessing. 









Imagine yourself having a quaint, intimate meal in the comfort of your own home while being serenaded by original poetry written and performed just for you and your guests. 


“Eat More Poems” is a social, creative and culinary project from Rica and Jason in which healthy, organic, locally-sourced ingredients are used to prepare delicious meals served in an intimate setting


Spazzing out. Please ask about the specials. Soup De jour. Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour and Rica Smith de la Luz. 




notes to self: 


Kain tayo! 


Poetry and Your palette

Traveling show 

Private personal poetic pupu 

Recipe for poems 

A poem per course maybe 


Playlists - Chillhop/Instrumental only 

Calibrate space time for poetry and palate


Queries: take your time to reflect and respond.

What would you like to celebrate?

Do you have a favorite poem, song or songwriter, and comfort snack and wildest thing you ever tried to taste?

Any dislikes in flavor or texture?

Any food allergies?

Profanity preferences?


(Far from a gentleman but no longer a sailor.) 


a haiku: 

A good ass poem 

After eating a great meal. 

That is just dessert. 




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